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Arabian Stud Europe is a modern breeding program of Purebred Arabian horses. The stud is founded by Talitha Bakker and is located in the middle of the forrest in Winterswijk, The Netherlands.

It is run by Talitha and her partner Louis with a lot of love and passion for the Arabian Horse.

Our mares have Egyptian damlines tracing back to ancient lines like Alidaar and Habdan Enzahi. We have crossed these lines with the precious blood of the great Ali Jamaal, Versace, Bey Shah and El Shaklan. These products we are crossing with modern stallions like Marwan al Shaqab, RFI Farid etc. Our goal is to

101910-DSC07619 (b1)- medium.jpg

breed high quality Arabian horses who have tons of Arabian type, a wide forehead, huge eyes, a small muzzle with big nostrills. The head should besmall, the neck should be strong and long with a swanlike shape. The comformation should be faultless with a straight topline, strong flat croup, a good hip and cleanlegs. However, to us the horse is not complete unless it moves for 20 and has a good and loyal character.

All of our horses over four years of age are ridden under saddle including our stallions! Some of them are ridden in showjumping and others in International Endurance. We hope you are enjoying our new website and please feel free to contact us in case of any questions!

Talitha Bakker &  Louis Vulker