Talitha Bakker & ASE Gwendalyne (El Tino x Geraldyne el Jamaal)

ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil, FEI* 90KM Endurance, Ermelo 2016

More about Arabian Stud Europe

The beauty & the brains - Arabian horses that can perform!​

The Purebred Arabian Horse. A warhorse and true companion from the past. Nowadays pure beauty with still the strength, power and loyalty of the 'old days' Thinking about the Arabian horse, you think about a beautiful head, dish, big dark eyes, tiny little muzzle, solid body, level topline and croup, long legs with great length of neck, combined with a powerful extended trot full of attitude and tail carriage. When this comes in a white colour and contains the names of Ali Jamaal, Salaa el Dine, Bey Shah & Gazal al Shaqab, then you have found the dreamhorse of Talitha Bakker, founder of Arabian Stud Europe.


Arabian Stud Europe was founded in The Netherlands in 1997 and managed by Talitha Bakker and her partner Louis Vulker. A breedingfarm, established for our enjoyment. During the day Talitha is managing her PR & Marketing company Equine Media while Louis takes care of the horses. Every spare minute is spent with the horses, they are our family. With the years passing, the quality increased. As of 2006 mainly focussing on the Brazilian bloodlines, combined with some Straight Egyptian breeding. A cross that proofs to be very succesful in both the showring and breedingbarn!


At Arabian Stud Europe, the horses are being treated like real family members. They come out every day, the whole year long, including the stallions! Their well being and hapiness always comes first! Besides being great showhorses and even better producers, all horses are also ridden. All goes in combination of harmony and trust.


The farm of Arabian Stud Europe is located in a paradise like enviroment. The fields are enormous, green and of good quality. The stables are very big (5m x 4m) equiped with a camera system. All the stables have a outdoor window and low bars so the horses can keep in contact with eachother. All the stables and fields have automatic drinkers. The fields and paddocks have wooden fencing and like the farm itself is surrounded by forest and nature and a very peaceful place.


Our farm is located in a beautiful part of The Netherlands and is surrounded by many sand lanes and forrest which makes it suitable to ride the many km we need for endurance training. All our horses aged five years and older are ridden in endurance competition. They ride distances starting from 20km till as far as 120km. We believe that a good show and breedinghorse must also be able to walk the miles as the Arabian was originally bred for back in the desert.


Dedication, hard work, passion and enthusiasm plays a key role at Arabian Stud Europe. We believe that victory belong to those who believe in it the longest, who believe in it the most!

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