ASE Gabriella al Gazal

(Gazal al Shaqab x Geraldyne el Jamaal)


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2018 Filly, Bay - SCID Clear - CA clear


Breeder: Arabian Stud Europe, The Netherlands
Owner: Arabian Stud Europe, The Netherlands


General Information:
ASE Gabriella al Gazal is a the brilliant cross between two breeding giants: Ali Jamaal and 2017 Platinum Worldchampion Gazal al Shaqab. Gabriella has a beautiful refined face with a teacup muzzle and big black eyes. her ears are curly, her neck is well set and long and she loves her humans. We are keeping Gabriella for our future breeding program.


Gabriella has this presence, this charisma that amazes people. They stop what they are doing and all eyes are on her. This is who she is. A moving machine, a princess. A combinations of two legends... Gazal al Shaqab and Ali Jamaal..


The sire of Gabriella is 2017 Platinum World Champion stallion Gazal al Shaqab. A stallion who needs no introduction and who is the sire of world champion Marwan al Shaqab and Pianissima. Gazal is also the sire of numerous succesful endurance horses.


The dam of Gabriella is the fantastic Geraldyne el Jamaal, daughter of the legendary Ali Jamaal. Ali Jamaal has caused a revolution in Arabian horse breeding back in the 80’s. He was US National champion twice and has produced (world) champion offspring all around the globe. He is by the Straight Egyptian Ruminaja Ali (Sheikh al Badi x Bint Magidaa) and comes out of the Polish bred Heritage Memory (El Magato x Heritge Labelle) – tracing back to the influential Fadjur. Ali Jamaal daughters are great broodmares and with Ali Jamaal aging 33 this year, his daughters have become rare treasures. Geraldyne is one of his youngest daughters. The dam of Geraldyne is the beautiful Gai Natasha. A snow-white mare from the Gainey breeding program, showing great conformation, huge eyes and excellent movement. Natasha is sired by the great Bey Shah. A polish stallion with great charisma and attitude who rocked the American showscene in the 70’s and who was named US National Reserve champion in 1980. The mother of Gai Natasha is Gai Radiance, who is a full sister to the brilliant Gai Radiant – who not only was a halter champion but also won some major titles in the Western Pleasure division. Gai Radiance is heavily Ferzon bred and is representing the old classic crabbet breeding. Geraldyne herself succesfully performed in endurance racing up till 81km.





We are looking forward to her future offspring!

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